Secure Cloud Storage

Keep your information safe from fires, floods, and tech failures.

Content Auditing

Create dynamic live content and collaborate with your team.

Cross-Platform Integration

Streamline your software with cross-platform integration.

Full Customization

Incorporate the features you need for a fully optimized experience.

Access your documents from any device

Our software has been designed to provide a scalable online document management solution with an unparalleled degree of customization that works on any device type. In addition to a suite of off the shelf applications including portals for a calendar, news, forums, web docs and more, we are able to develop custom solutions to meet your specific communication requirements.

Get to know Mindoka Technology

About us

Mindoka is an international leader in web-based technology, specifically in the field of secure document storing, converting, editing, and publishing. Our innovative software platform has been designed to work across multiple device types and operating systems to ensure ease-of-use and complete accessibility to a wide range of user types. With a unique set of tools and a fully customizable interface, our clients are able to experience the simplicity, stability, and overall functionality of our product in a way that has been specifically tailored to the specific needs of their organization.

Information is meant to be shared and our innovative solutions have been designed with that tenet in mind. Our web-based solutions provide a full range of custom applications to ensure that each custom platform, does exactly what the client needs it to.

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