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Reports On Demand
Managers and resources at all levels of an organization require access to reports for decision-making and for general information. This information is often stored and maintained in a variety of legacy systems, perhaps at different geographical locations.

MDK R.E.A.L Time Reports integrates the data and allows the user to take any form of digitally encoded data extracted from the system and generate statistical reports in a variety of formats, including text based, bar graph, 3D pie graph and others.

Data can be collected from multiple sources including programmable logic controllers, databases and e-forms. Reports may be predefined to the user's requirements and can be designed interactively from predetermined drop-down lists and filters. Reports are available from anywhere in the world.

Screen Shots
3D Pie Chart

Dynamic enterprise data collection and reporting engine
Multiple viewing formats
Real-time data monitoring
Combine different data sources
Secure view of results from ANYWHERE using a web browser
Web-based data tracking and trend analysis
No software to install
Need More Information?
Download the MDK-R.E.A.L.Time product info sheet:   MDK-REALTIME.pdf