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Ensure Consistent Quality Standards
The Mindoka Workflow module (MDK-Workflow) allows you to define and track the process that documents, reports, claims, change requests or business processes must adhere to in order to ensure consistent and maintainable quality standards.

The Workflow module enables you to easily create and modify workflows according to your business needs and processes. Workflow definitions enable you to capture your business process, ensuring that tasks are planned, reviewed, and approved according to your company policies and procedures. MDK-Workflow requires no programming ability and is completely managed through a web browser.

It is now possible to tap into workflow technology as an additional module in the MIRS Portal, allowing your organization to improve quality standards and decrease time wasted on administrative overhead. Information about the current state of all projects, tasks or documents is available at the click of a button, making resource management much easier and more effective.

MDK-Workflow enables businesses to model their existing procedures, automate the process, monitor the results, and satisfy their workflow needs.

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Process Flow Interface

Need More Information?
Download the MDK-WorkFlow product info sheet:  pdf logo MDK-WORKFLOW.pdf