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These state-of-the art web-based software solutions help manage documentation and information across organizations of any size. The MIRS includes a suite of complementary personal productivity functions (single logon, calendar, e-mail, bulletin board, news, FAQs etc.) The MIRS is both a standalone product and the platform for the delivery of Mindoka's other modular software solutions. The MIRS can be installed at a client's site or hosted by Mindoka Technology Corp.

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benefitsThe Mindoka Information Resource System, (MIRS) provides a framework for evaluating and incorporating everyday experiences and information into a searchable corporate knowledge base. Whether knowledge is stored as a formal document, existing business process, or has been informally accumulated through hands-on experience, the MIRS facilitates the capture and distribution of that knowledge. The powerful web-based software provides solutions for enterprise-wide business process and information integration.

The Mindoka Information Resource System (MIRS) advances the concept of storing, combining, and accessing diverse types and formats of knowledge in a single, comprehensive repository.

The MIRS Knowledge Portal is the key to the deployment of a cost-effective, achievable, enterprise wide knowledge management strategy. Information in organizations often becomes embedded in documents, repositories, organizational routines, processes, practices and norms. The MIRS coordinates storage and provides a central point of access for searching corporate history, communication mechanisms (newsletters, FAQ's, policies, procedures), departmental processes and more.